Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Stitch Report #2

I mentioned last week that I started a new project with batik fabric after needing to purchase some very cute sailboat fabric from JoAnns and that my mind was racing with ideas upon seeing the sailboat fabric. I knew immediately I wanted to make an abstract improv-ish design and thought about simple squares and rectangles all stitched up and arranged much like the Crab Trap Quilt I made or a braided design, which I haven't yet tried, but decided to go with curved strips instead. My daughter Sofia swims for a local swim league and while she's at practice I usually go for a run to kill time. About a mile from where she practices is a beautiful park and a nature trail that runs along the Pithlachascotee River, try to say that three times fast! Locals just call it the Cotee River for some reason. Anyway, it's such a pretty area with quaint little beachy houses and boats of all sorts. I was inspired to go with gentle curves for the quilt because of the calm water and the colors from the rippled reflections that I see while running and listening to the sweet falsetto sounds of Sam Smith blasting in my ears. Last Thursday was a peacefully beautiful morning and I took a moment to catch a couple pics of the "inspiration" so I could share here in the journal.

The progress shot...just pairs for now. 

And...I really couldn't help myself but I started another project! 
This one with half square triangles and the graffiti fabric I bought from Mood Fabrics in NYC.

Goals reached from last week--worked on batik quilt.
I pulled fabric for the stitched canvas project but didn't work on it.
Decided to sew labels on later because, hand sewing takes a certain kind of mojo
 I was unable to muster last week, that's my story and I'm okay with it!
Started a new project--gotta love spontaneity! 
Goals for this week--work on batik quilt. 
Curves are tediously slow so that's all I'm going to pressure myself with!

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