Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Stitch Report #1

I've been thinking in order to keep myself a bit more accountable, and organized, in reaching my project goals maybe a weekly post would be more helpful than writing things down in a notebook. Looking back I've realized that the notebook really doesn't work for me. I like the idea of using a notebook, and I really tried this year, but only got as far as March in writing down my project goals. Using this online framework, I think, lends itself to my visual learning style and makes it easier for me to look back at the details of some of my projects. It's an online creative journal after all so why not use it that way?! For the weekly post I'll include finishes, progress made and the upcoming goals for the week. Okay, here we go!

Since the previous post I finished the little "Paradiso" quilt and listed it in my Etsy shop.
Still no progress on improv pieces or the stitched canvas piece.
Started a new project!
Ordered quilt labels from The Dutch Label Shop and they arrived yesterday--this is very exciting!
Worked on a Spoonflower project idea that's been churning for a while now in my head. More on that later after it arrives and I work out some details.

Paradiso Patchwork Match Made In Heaven Quilt

The new project shown here is in the very beginning stage--choosing fabric pairs. The fabric is from my quilty friend Julie who knows how much I love batiks! I wasn't sure when I'd ever use these strips but when I was in JoAnn's last week to look for embroidery hoops for my daughter, I had to take a quick stroll through the novelty section. Total no-no but...when I spotted the sailboat fabric my mind raced with ideas and so, I brought some home. Besides, with all the girly things I seem to focus on more often than not, I think a boy type project needs to happen. Yes, I'm using a validation technique to justify my purchase. ;-)

My new quilt labels! Aren't they pretty? 

Goals for this week:
Sew labels onto finished quilts.
Finish stitched canvas project.
Work on sailboat project.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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