Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Troy Boy Quilt

I mentioned in my last post that I had started another project, totally unplanned. Full disclosure on my fabric buying fast, this little project required a fabric purchase! I didn't have enough different blues and greens in my stash for what I wanted to make, this quilt by Sew Katie Did was the inspiration. I was prudent though and only bought three charm packs of "Grunge" by BASICGREY for Moda. The fabric choice was a suggestion from my sweet quilty friend Julie. I already had the fabric for the back and binding in my stash. When I separated the blues and greens from the rest of the colors in the charm packs it wasn't going to be enough to make a large enough baby sized quilt. So, rather than buy more charm packs I shopped my stash for some neutrals to fill in the blanks. Once I got all the half square triangles made I didn't over think the arrangement too much, in fact I did just what Katie said to do and as I finished trimming each one I simply stuck it up on my design wall in ten rows of eight and kept on trimming. Of course, I'll be honest here, there were some blocks that needed to be moved! A few times! But not too many times, really I only took a couple of black and white photos for help with values and called it good. The hexagon shape in the upper right area occurred completely by what I'm calling the "trim-it-and-stick-it" process, and I liked it so much that I totally didn't mess around with it! For the quilting, which is the skill I'm least confident in doing, instead of going with simple horizontal lines I decided to challenge myself with straight lines starting on one side and weaving my way around corners and such until I ended up on the other side. That first pass is what set up the rest of the quilting design. Totally spontaneous, go with the flow kind of processing that goes on in my brain! The design I wound up with took time, much more than I originally had set out to spend, but I'm really pleased with the result! It is so crinkle-licious!! 

And so, after all that about the process, you're probably curious as to the unplanned nature of project and quilt name, yes? Well, a few weeks back my husband received a text from a friend of his that another friend of his had just had his fourth child, well the wife did the actual birthing of said child but you get the idea, right? The text went a little something like, "...had a boy and named him Troy." We both laughed and then wondered if there was someone in their family named Troy that they named him after, since Troy isn't an uber popular name these days. Turns out that he was indeed named for my "hulking, handsome, ass kicking, name taking" husband and they fully expect that with a name like his, Lil' Troy will grow up to be somewhat like his namesake. As you might guess, the quilt making wife of namesake decided right then and there that a special quilt was in order! 

 Now, I must mention that one of my favorite parts of the quilt making process is the picture taking of the finished quilt. People who know me, know that I love taking pictures and when it concerns taking pictures of my finished quilts I'm always on the lookout for interesting backdrops for my quilt pictures. Since I rarely keep any of the quilts I make this part of the process is, for me, that final bit of artistry that goes into the memory of the project. I finished this little quilt last Wednesday and decided the next morning to go to this little beach near our house to do the photo shoot. I had one of my lovely quilt models with me and when we arrived it was just gorgeous outside, the water was super still and oh, so blue! We began our process of quilt photography with my daughter's fancy camera, snap, snap, snap! Oh the wonderful pictures we never actually took! That's right, the memory card wasn't in the camera and it wasn't set to not take pics without the memory card. Always make sure the memory card is in the camera Kim!! Conveniently, I had more errands to run later and so we went back to try again, after all there was still nice light. In the span of just about an hour that super still, oh so blue water was angry from the wind and colored mud. I didn't even try and decided to wait until the next morning. As we made our way back home I noticed there was someone working on a vehicle in a lot that I've had my eye on for picture taking for some time now. The property has no trespassing signs posted but when I saw there was someone there I thought I'd ask about getting permission to take photos. So, I pulled in, parked, and mustered up all my quilty charm and began chattering to the man my need to take artsy fartsy photos of my finished quilts and yada, yada, yada. George was happy to allow me to take pictures, he was such a kind gentleman with a beautiful smile, and with those words I was able to coax him into some quilt modeling to boot! Don't you agree, he has a most beautiful smile?!!

This was such a fun project from unplanned start to serendipitous finish!


  1. Kimberly!!! Yay!!!! I have missed you. Sounds like all is well with you.

    1. Hi Denise!!! Thanks for stopping by, I've missed you as well. Life has been busy, as you know all too well! I'm hoping to get myself more on a schedule here soon in terms of this bloggy business but it will have to wait a few more weeks. Happy Easter!! God bless you and your beautiful family, you're in my thoughts and prayers +++