Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Q1 Project Report

That title, I'm starting to sound like my dear husband--chuckles and shakes head. Anywho, just a quick update post on current projects. I had hoped to have finished, or at least worked on, the two baby quilts I started but they haven't moved from the pile. There's also that purple quilt I mentioned. The binding is just waiting to be attached and hand finished.

I made two more Solvy blocks and started the project for using them, going in an improv direction using denim and so far I'm enjoying the process and the result.

This one was made with trims from the Crab Trap Quilt made in January 2015. 

The improv in progress...

And the finished canvas I started...

I decided, after several weeks of walking past it, that it needed to come off the frame...

and go under the presser foot for some stitching...

and then get cut...to be continued.

Right now this is what's on my table. 
Yep, another new project! 
It's an unplanned, but need to make for a special reason, project. 
I'll elaborate more when it's finished.

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by!

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