Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Project Solvy

I mentioned in my previous post that I started a new fabric project. The project has been marinating in my head for a while. I discovered a post from on Pinterest that described a method of using leftover fabric trims to make fabric for applique cut outs and other projects. At the time of my discovery, pretty sure it was middle of 2015 sometime, not too long after I opened my Pinterest account and started pin, pin, pinning away, I had been hoarding, er rather saving, my fabric trims to use as stuffing. My youngest daughter likes to make stuffies and I thought my trims would be perfect for stuffing her little monsters, because, hello, I absolutely hate wasting fabric!

The directions in the tutorial were easy peasy to follow and I gave it a try last September with leftover fabric trims from a quilt I made for a very dear friend for her birthday. Funny little side note here, the blog post with the tutorial is dated September 23, 2011--my friend's birthday just so happens to be the same day. Yes, I'm easily entertained by serendipitous occurrences. The trimmings were just too beautiful to toss. I followed the tutorial and made a colorful little mug rug that resembled an abstract painting. I liked it so much, abstract paintings are my favorite, that I was tempted to mount it on a board and keep it for myself. But, it went really well with the quilt so I stuffed it into the package and sent it on it's way, late of course 'cause I just seem to roll that way these days.

I pretty much followed the tutorial as explained except I used Ultra Solvy for the stabilizer. 
Step one, starting in upper left photo, shows backing fabric with Solvy stitched down on three sides.
Step two, stuff your Solvy envelope with fabric, adjust and stitch down open side to close.
Step three, upper right photo, start sewing lines. Photo in bottom left corner shows stitching lines.
Step four, soak Solvy sandwich in warm water, rub gently if necessary and rinse.
Step five, allow to dry. I tossed mine into the dryer on medium heat.
Step six, use as you like. In this case I just topstitched around the edges several times.

This pic shows the back which is a leftover block from the quilt.

And here's the finished piece.

And, the quilt...

Okay, so I enjoyed this little project so much I have been itching to use my fabric trims to create additional blocks. So far I've made six more and I'll probably be making them for like, FOREVER since I have what seems like a lifetime supply of trims! Well, I hope not anyway. I mean I really like making them but there's other projects on my list! I have a plan for them and I'll post another update once I get to phase two of the project. For now, here's pictures of what I have so far...

For this one I used larger scraps and trims.

This one was mainly scrap thread and embroidery floss.

And just to give you an idea of what my space looks like with this project in full swing. 
I'm about halfway through the basket and that's a large Target bag filled about halfway.
So, yeah, that's quite the supply of trims. And then there's scraps...bags and bags of them hiding out.
Oh, and in the background there you can see my little painting space with a canvas in rest mode. 

Until next time,
Have a happy creative day!

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