Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Project Solvy

I mentioned in my previous post that I started a new fabric project. The project has been marinating in my head for a while. I discovered a post from on Pinterest that described a method of using leftover fabric trims to make fabric for applique cut outs and other projects. At the time of my discovery, pretty sure it was middle of 2015 sometime, not too long after I opened my Pinterest account and started pin, pin, pinning away, I had been hoarding, er rather saving, my fabric trims to use as stuffing. My youngest daughter likes to make stuffies and I thought my trims would be perfect for stuffing her little monsters, because, hello, I absolutely hate wasting fabric!

The directions in the tutorial were easy peasy to follow and I gave it a try last September with leftover fabric trims from a quilt I made for a very dear friend for her birthday. Funny little side note here, the blog post with the tutorial is dated September 23, 2011--my friend's birthday just so happens to be the same day. Yes, I'm easily entertained by serendipitous occurrences. The trimmings were just too beautiful to toss. I followed the tutorial and made a colorful little mug rug that resembled an abstract painting. I liked it so much, abstract paintings are my favorite, that I was tempted to mount it on a board and keep it for myself. But, it went really well with the quilt so I stuffed it into the package and sent it on it's way, late of course 'cause I just seem to roll that way these days.

I pretty much followed the tutorial as explained except I used Ultra Solvy for the stabilizer. 
Step one, starting in upper left photo, shows backing fabric with Solvy stitched down on three sides.
Step two, stuff your Solvy envelope with fabric, adjust and stitch down open side to close.
Step three, upper right photo, start sewing lines. Photo in bottom left corner shows stitching lines.
Step four, soak Solvy sandwich in warm water, rub gently if necessary and rinse.
Step five, allow to dry. I tossed mine into the dryer on medium heat.
Step six, use as you like. In this case I just topstitched around the edges several times.

This pic shows the back which is a leftover block from the quilt.

And here's the finished piece.

And, the quilt...

Okay, so I enjoyed this little project so much I have been itching to use my fabric trims to create additional blocks. So far I've made six more and I'll probably be making them for like, FOREVER since I have what seems like a lifetime supply of trims! Well, I hope not anyway. I mean I really like making them but there's other projects on my list! I have a plan for them and I'll post another update once I get to phase two of the project. For now, here's pictures of what I have so far...

For this one I used larger scraps and trims.

This one was mainly scrap thread and embroidery floss.

And just to give you an idea of what my space looks like with this project in full swing. 
I'm about halfway through the basket and that's a large Target bag filled about halfway.
So, yeah, that's quite the supply of trims. And then there's scraps...bags and bags of them hiding out.
Oh, and in the background there you can see my little painting space with a canvas in rest mode. 

Until next time,
Have a happy creative day!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Empire State of Mind 2.0

Okay, so I never wrote a 1.0 version of Empire State of Mind because my first trip to the Big Apple happened in October 2015 and I wasn't really doing a whole lot of blogging then. Let me just say this, my first trip there was pretty wonderful. I had the opportunity to visit several churches, including St. Patrick's Cathedral where my husband and I attended Mass on the feast day of Pope Saint John Paul II, see the new World Trade Center, ride the subway for the first time, do some shopping at Century 21 Department Store and visit The Museum of Modern Art. Oh, and eat some really delicious food.

The day after my previous post I was on a jet plane back to that magnificent city with my husband for yet another tag-a-long business trip. When we arrived it was snowing! It was nice to see a little snow actually, it gave me a valid reason for wearing my oh-so-cute boots and the opportunity to wear some of my other favorite winter pieces. I have a conundrum where fashion is concerned; I'm a hot blooded summer girl who loves winter fashion and I live in Florida. Yeah, not many opportunities to wear wool around here in the Sunshine State.

Fashion conundrums aside, New York didn't fail to entertain and inspire once again. Our hotel was located in the heart of the Garment District and I had a splendid time wandering around, taking in the sights and spending my husband's hard earned money while he was at his meetings. I know, I said I wasn't going to purchase anymore "unnecessary" fabric and so I'm just gonna be honest, I bought some fabric. Some of it was necessary and some not. Hey, sometimes a girl just has to do what a girl has to do.

One does not simply walk into Mood Fabrics in New York City and not buy at least one cut of fabric, especially if that fabric was what you'd been looking for, for like forever! Am I right? I think so. Anyway, I had been looking for a graffiti print for a purple quilt that coincidentally had just been finished by one of my longarm quilter friends while I was on this trip! So, this cut of fabric was retro-necessary! And, it was an Alexander Henry print that was newly released, no wonder I hadn't found it before! And, and, I didn't even touch the Liberty fabric with my hands! I just took a pic, smiled and waved goodbye.

Next, I visited Sposabella Lace, because lace is just so pretty and I've got ideas swimming in my head for using some. Well, wouldn't ya know there was a scrap basket on the floor next to the checkout counter and I managed to rescue a few pieces. I had a wonderful conversation with the lovely sales woman who helped me sort through the scraps and she generously shared with me some of her ideas for the pieces I chose. Totally unnecessary at the moment but they were very affordable and pretty! I mentioned they were pretty, right?

For entertainment, the next day my husband took me up to the top of the Empire State Building! It was a beautiful day, a bit windy and cold but not unbearable. It's the tallest building we've both been up in and the view, um yeah, breathtaking. Isn't he just adorable?

After our tall building adventure my adorable honey was off to a meeting, to do his thang, and I had time to do a bit more exploring. I easily found a few more fabric stores, thanks to my iPhone, and one that had huge bins of scraps! I'm not talking about little scraps here, I'm talking about yardage scraps! I was well behaved and found a scrap that the owner let me have for three bucks a yard, the scrap turned out to be a little more than five yards! Plus, he let me have another weird looking piece that I thought had potential. Total score! Sadly, I don't remember the name of the store and I didn't get a receipt, the guy just squished the fabric into a plastic bag that says "I <3 NY", took my cash, gave me an air kiss before dragging on his smoke and I walked out with my beautiful unnecessary purchase. 

A few doors down was Spandex World. I could totally get into some spandex but I must say no for now. It was tempting though, all those pretty colors that stretch.

After my husband's final meeting for the day we were able to make it uptown to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for a quick visit. We saw many favorites and met an amazing local artist named Dwight. He was sketching in the Degas exhibit and we had a wonderful conversation about art. 

Since I've been home I have been working on a new fabric project that I'll share in a future post. Plus, lest I forget, I started a painting! As I said before, New York didn't fail to inspire and entertain. It's that concrete jungle where dreams are made of...let's hear it for New York, New York, New York! Oh how I love thee!