Monday, January 30, 2017

A New Direction

Hello, yes, I am back! Over and over I've wrestled with my thoughts about what I'd say regarding my "oh so melodramatic" departure from this blog back in December 2015 and I've decided that the details just don't matter. The gist is this, 2015 was a hard year. I survived, got stronger, became more courageous and transcended a dark season. When life hands you a banana, you just gotta peel it and deal with it! In order to deal with certain things sometimes it takes creating some space and taking time to reflect and regroup. I've done a lot of reflecting and regrouping over the last year or so and as I go forward in this brand spanking new year, my plan is to continue to use this blog space to share and document my creative endeavors, which also include artsy fartsy photos and the cogitations that go along with my creative process. I'm leaving all the other posts just as they are because they are part of my story and sometimes looking back is helpful to see just how far you've come, and I'm happy to say, I've come a long freaking way baby!

You'll notice a few changes in the blog format and that's because my daughter Cheyenne, who shared this space with me for a time, returned to the Poor Clare Monastery in Barhamsville, Virginia last year on August 15th to continue her vocation discernment. It was a bittersweet day to be sure. I miss her very much but I am happy for her and it is a comfort to know she settled quickly back into the Poor Clare ways and is doing well. She continues to use her creative talents in the monastery by painting, drawing and is learning to play the organ. We visited with her back in October and look forward to another visit after Easter this year.

Cheyenne's twin sister, Phoenix, returned home from Colorado last January and is now working as a Certified Nurses Aide for a nursing and rehabilitation facility near our home. She is doing very well and continues to discern her vocation as well.

So far this year I've completed one little project and have two others started, with several WIPs still hanging around. One of my goals for this year is to use fabric already in my stash and not purchase any unnecessary fabric. My taste in fabric and ideas in projects has changed quite a lot over the years but I want to complete as many of the fabric-specific projects that I purchased fabric for before going 100% in the other direction. Besides fabric projects of the sewing type another goal is to get messy and spend time with some paint, as in painting on canvas, which has been an ongoing goal for some time now!

 First little finish, a study in the simplicity of Amish quilts and playing with pattern.

Baby quilt top #1 in progress.

Baby quilt top #2 in progress.

And here's my paint and brushes that beckon to be brought out of the box!

My year for a
 New direction,
New goals and 
New Me!