Monday, May 25, 2015

Finally, A Full Reveal Rail Fence

You may remember a sneaky peek at a surprise quilt a few posts back. I'm so happy to report it has been well received by the new parents-to-be!! It's not the typical colors one would expect to find in a baby quilt, and I like that! I like breaking the norms! What inspired the color choices and pattern had a lot to do with who the parents are and what they do. Phil and Sarah are some of the strongest, and fanciest folks we know, and we love them mucho-mucho! (The fancy part is a little inside thing between Sofie and Sarah and I always think of Sarah whenever I hear the word fancy) Phil and Sarah own and operate Strength Guild, in Topeka, Kansas and I wanted this quilt to be strong, bold and different for their new baby. If you'd like to read more about their gym and training philosophy please visit their website where they have a blog and forum here or find them on their Facebook page here. 

I don't consider a quilt truly "finished" until it's had a ton of photos taken of it.
It's part of the creative cherry-on-top for me. Finding the right spot to take photos is a lot of fun too, I might add! For this quilt the perfect spot was in our garage among tools of strength.

A Quilt Among Kettlebells
(think that'd be a cool title if it were an art photo...teehee)

The quilting part is the part I'm least confident about in the quilt making process. Out of the scraps I made this little mug rug to test my quilting design before attempting it on the quilt. I was pleased with how it turned out so it became part of the gifted goodies for mama and baby. 
Fancy mamas need fancy mug rugs to go with their morning brew!

Thanks for stopping in,
now, back to my wips...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Supplies, New Ideas, New Adventures

Hello Everyone!
Recently, over the past week or so, I have been adjusting to my new home and my new job as a nanny to my three adorable cousins. I have been so busy keeping up with these little sweetie pies, that I haven't had the time to just sit down and think of a new project or even hold a paintbrush. But yesterday was slow and I stole an hour or two and just started painting. Oh, how wonderful that felt!! I felt the weight of "nanny-hood" fall off my shoulders as my brush glided across the fresh canvas and swirled in the vibrant colors. Something abstract and fun for my Aunt to hang over her dart board when she's not using it. Since my mom hasn't sent my box of art supplies yet, I am using some of my Aunt's old acrylic paint and brushes that she found stowed away in her crafty closet. I'm not quite finished yet but I have some pretty awesome ideas! We shall see where the brush takes me! 

Thanks so much for stopping by. 
Be sure to stick around to see the finished painting!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Introducing Cheyenne

Hi there! I'm Cheyenne and I love art. I'm self taught and when I was 10 years old I received a drawing kit as a gift from a family friend and have been hooked ever since. After doing pencil drawings for a while I discovered all sorts of different media to experiment with. Some of my favorites are watercolor and pastel. I also have fun with acrylics and charcoal. When I was younger I loved to draw wolves and dogs. These days I'm greatly inspired by my faith and am fascinated with drawing and painting people. Besides drawing and painting I enjoy taking artistic photos, and playing the piano. 

My goal as a contributor to this blog is to share my artistic ideas that will hopefully inspire all who are interested in "artsy fartsy" things to be creative and expressive in their own way. I hope whoever sticks around for the art show leaves with a more ardent desire to live a more colorful, creative and beautiful life! 

Here is a sample of my recent watercolor craze. 
These  roses are abstract and expressive and I just love the way the 
colors flow to create a dreamy effect for the background. 
Watercolors are so much fun! 

Meet Honiahaka the fox. His name means "little wolf".  Inspired by the amazing artist, Alison Fennell, I painted this with watercolors for my sister who loves foxes and butterflies.

 This is Abeduban the owl. My little sister Gianna loves owls. She also picked a Native American name meaning "light of day". I also was inspired to paint this from another awesome artist named Amber Alexander. You can find some of her art in her Etsy Shop here.

I was experimenting with pastel on canvas with this picture of The Blessed Virgin Mary. It didn't turn out the way I was hoping, but now that I have tested the waters, I'll be ready to give it another shot!

My mom snapped a sneaky picture while I was sketching a graphite study. 
I really love the deep contrast of charcoal drawings.

Here is another graphite study with a hint of vibrant pastels. My main focus was to 
practice shading, contours and highlights to achieve a three dimensional look. 
Still needs practice, but I'm having fun with it!

This is an "artsy fartsy" mixed media project I've been working on with my mom. 
The background is textured with tissue paper. Come back soon for the finished painting!

Here I used pieces of paper from and old church missal to create depth and texture.

My mom was inspired by a painting on the front of the Magnificat for the month of March and asked me to draw it for her. I finished just in time for Mother's Day. I used watercolor pencils and soft pastels to create this copy of the Virgin of the Annunciation most likely painted by Luca Signorelli.

I painted St. Teresa of Avila for my Mom's birthday one year.   
This was my first portrait painting. I experimented with colored pencils 
and oil pastels to create smooth skin textures and clean lines.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Finish and A Change

Hmm, where'd I leave off? Since my last post I've been pretty busy, and who isn't busy these days right? First let's talk about a finish! Both little quilts I was working on were finished the day after my last post and I had hoped I'd have a moment or two to at least post a quick picture, but in the whirlwind of preparing to go out of town the day after, well, I just didn't get to it! Then once I was back from a little R and R trip with my husband, it was back to more busyness! Taking some breaths now while I can to show you the little scrap quilt...which still needs a wash but I wanted to take some pretty pictures and I'm a little bit over doing laundry right now ;-) I had no clue how to quilt this so I sent it off to my friend Julie, who never fails to impress me, told her to work her magic, and Voila!! I totally love how it all came together! Originally, I thought of listing it in my Etsy shop but the quarterly Project Linus meeting is coming up this Saturday and I haven't had time to work on a donation quilt soooo,....that's where it's gonna go!

My lovely daughter Cheyenne contributed some 
stitches to the binding and was kind enough to 
suffer through the picture taking process ;-)

I sew love a quilty burrito! Just look at those yummy colors!!

Here's a close up of the beautiful quilty stitches by Julie.

Now, let's talk about a change. Life is full of changes, right? If you take a quick look around this here little blog you'll notice there's been some changes. The reason for the changes is, my daughter Cheyenne is preparing to once again fly the nest! She has accepted a nanny job in another state far away. Over the years we have collaborated on several artsy projects. She enjoys creating art of all types and since she's been home she has poured herself back into creating beautiful art. I love watching her, helping her and sharing ideas.....and Lord knows, I am going to miss her terribly, again!! I thought while she's off discovering her new path, perhaps discerning art school, we could share this bloggy space like we've shared the creative space here at home over the years, only now I'll not be screaming at her to keep her paints away from my fabrics! So, we'll be blogging together from afar and sharing our artsy, farsty accomplishments and holding each other accountable, I'm promising to make more of an effort in filling my sketchbook between quilts and pulling out the paints from time to time too, which was the original plan with this blog but, fabric has a way of becoming the center of attention with my time where artsy stuff is concerned! Cheyenne is working on a little intro post to say hi and to include some of her work, so be looking for that here in the next few days :-)

Oh, and before I forget...
the surprise quilt was mailed off yesterday
 so I'll be posting the full reveal on it soon!