Monday, January 12, 2015

Crab Trap

My first finish for 2015 is this little quilt I'm gonna call, "Crab Trap". A friend had called it "Bluetiful" and it stuck, love that name for a quilt, until after it was quilted. The back of the quilt tells why :) I'm sure at some point I'll make another, larger quilt similar in design as this one and it will get the name "Bluetiful"-- I love the color blue and this type of quilt, and already have the backing fabric for when it's added to my WIPs!! 

The blue batik fabrics were kindly donated to me to play with from my friend Julie, leftovers from a beautiful braid quilt she made. The quilt will be returned to her as a donation quilt for Project Linus. Thanks so much Julie, I had fun with this, it won't be easy to give it back so I added like a thousand more photos of it to my digital hoard! Also, thanks go out to my sweet and patient daughter who hardly complained at all, and I'm being serious here, for letting me take the thousand pics of her holding it up...her arms are sure to be sore in the morning ;)

The collage below shows some of the process pics. The pieces were cutoffs from a jellyroll. I made pairs of differing values and chain pieced them together and trimmed them to make a square block. Afterwards I stitched together the trims to make four patches and then made a block of four trimming down main blocks to eight inches squared. Arranged in a pleasing placement and sewn together in rows for a total of six rows by six rows. Quilt finished at 45 inches square.

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